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RAD140 & YK11 60 x 10mg Capsules


RAD140 & YK11 60 x 10mg Capsules


RAD140 & YK11 Snapshot

  • Contains arguably the strongest SARM (RAD140)
  • RAD140 has an anabolic: androgenic ratio of 90: 1
  • Great lean mass building stack
  • May improve bone strength and fat loss
  • Much safer than testosterone alternatives
  • YK11 is a Myostatin blocker
  • Slows the aging process of cells (YK11)
  • Both actives improve individual power and speed parameters
  • Outstanding value for money
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RAD140 (5mg per cap) & YK11 (5mg per cap) 60 x 10mg Capsules

What is RAD140?

RAD140 is arguably the strongest of all the SARM’s and extremely useful in terms of increasing strength and packing on quality, lean size. It’s also known as Testolone and is often referred to as the most powerful SARM. It is still being researched by a pharmaceutical company called Radius Health.

To put things in perspective, RAD140 has an anabolic: androgenic ratio of 90: 1.

Compounds that have a high anabolic ratio are known to be great mass builders. You can easily put on 10lbs of lean muscle mass when researching with this SARM.

RAD-140 is proven to be more anabolic than testosterone with a powerful 90:1 anabolic to androgenic ratio. RAD 140 will enhance lean muscle mass. Send your strength higher while enhancing physical endurance and recovery very quickly. SARMs are a novel class of supplement which exert significant effects in a very short space of time. Many former prohormone users are switching over to on account of their more focused action which is targeted to muscle tissue and not on areas like the hairline or skin.

The Many Benefits Of RAD140:

1. RAD140 helps increase muscle mass

The number one benefit of supplementing with RAD140 is its ability to increase lean tissue without increasing fat. In fact, during initial studies done on monkeys, scientists observed an average weight gain of more than 10% in just 28 days. This was done using only RAD 140 and without any adverse side effects traditionally related to testosterone.

2. RAD140 may enhance speed, stamina, and endurance during high-intensity workouts

Want to work out longer, harder and get better results every time you hit the gym? Reports of enhanced speed, stamina, and endurance during workouts are common when supplementing with Testolone. Additionally, thanks to its ability to increase lean muscle tissue and decrease fat, high-intensity workouts and interval training can be optimized every time.

3. RAD140 has a greater anabolic effect than testosterone

Similar to other SARMs such as LGD4033 (Ligandrol) or S4 (Andarine), RAD140 produces similar results to testosterone but without the side effects.

RAD140 interacts with the hormonal receptors of muscle and bone tissue in the same ways as larger doses of testosterone, all without the estrogenic side effects caused by anabolic steroids.

Many users on forums also report greater anabolic effects than testosterone and are sometimes used as a PCT for steroid users to retain muscle mass between cycles.

4. RAD140 may reduce the side effects of testosterone

When taken in conjunction with anabolic steroids, initial studies indicated that RAD140 reduces the side effects of testosterone stimulation on the prostate and seminal vesicles of monkeys.

Additionally, many anabolic steroid users report concerns for the health of their liver. However, during the 28-day trial, these monkeys also showed minimal liver enzyme elevations on a dose 10x higher than the fully effective dose, even though a weight was gained during a short timeframe (which can cause liver strain).

5. Testolone does not appear to have the same side effects of anabolic steroids on reproductive organs

Initial studies on mice have found that low doses of RAD140 are all that’s needed to stimulate muscle growth without affecting the weight of the prostate.

This means that RAD140 has the ability to selectively stimulate muscle and bone growth while reducing the effects on sex tissue such as the prostate or clitoris. (So yes, this means RAD140 is safe for women)

6. RAD140 may aid weight loss by increasing fat loss

RAD140 indirectly reduces body fat by increasing muscle and bone cells, which are more metabolically expensive to maintain than fat cells. By increasing muscle mass, an increase in the metabolism is seen, which results in easier weight loss.

Users also report increased muscle growth and decreased fat stores thanks to RAD140’s ability to increase stamina, endurance, and speed during an interval training.

7. RAD140 is being trialed for the treatment of breast cancer

RAD140 was discovered and is currently being developed by pharmaceutical company Radius specifically for the treatment of Androgen Receptor (AR) and Estrogen Receptor Positive (ER+) breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

In vitro studies completed in 2017 showed that RAD140 inhibited the growth of AR/ER+ breast cancer cells. Results from these studies supported further investigation of RAD140 as a breast cancer treatment, and the first human clinical trials were brought forward.

8. RAD140 is indicated to be neuroprotective for brain health in neurodegenerative diseases

As testosterone levels in men decline, the risk of disease in androgen-responsive tissue (including the brain) increases, implicating the development of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

However, treating AR diseases with testosterone may increase the risk of prostate cancer. Recent studies suggest that RAD140 may be as effective as testosterone in reducing cell death without side effects to the prostate.

Are there any reported side-effects?

This SARM is considered to be one of the newer SARMs and there isn’t a lot of information on side effects available. When we look at the user experiences, it does seem to have some side effects such as suppression, slight increase in blood pressure, aggression and sometimes nausea. PCT recommended.

What are the benefits of YK11?

YK11 is an outstanding product in its own right and by nature really flexible, meaning it can be used for both cutting and bulking up.

YK-11 is a myostatin blocker. Slows the aging process of cells. Improvement of individual power and speed parameters.

YK11 aids in muscle gains

Since it binds to the androgen receptors and puts myostatin back into its original role, gaining a lot of muscle while on YK11 is easy. During the 8-week cycle, we can expect to gain about 5 to 8 pounds of it, which isn’t bad at all. In fact, when compared to steroids and their side effects, gaining so much in so little time with almost no consequences is really like a dream come true.

YK11 certainly helps with fat loss

What’s fantastic about this substance is that it can also help us burn a ton of calories. Since it leads to more muscle mass, which logically leads to more calories burned each day during workouts. Moreover, those same reasons are why it inhibits fat storage. In essence, when on YK11, one can become a fat-destroying machine in no time at all!

YK11 safeguards your muscle mass (muscle protection)

Another great benefit of using it is that it can act as a protective agent for the muscle mass we already have. Most of you already know that working out each day does lead to some form of muscle wastage. In fact, if we decide to exercise strenuously every day and cut calories at the same time, our muscles could suffer.

But that’s why YK11 is fantastic! While taking it, we won’t experience those consequences, as it effectively promotes lean tissue growth and preserves our muscle mass at the same time.

Recommended use

Take 2-3 capsules upon awakening.

Always follow up with a full PCT, we recommend a minimum of 4 weeks PCT after a 12 week course (Testo Beast 450g).

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