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DNA Sports represent America’s finest SARM’s and are outstanding value for money. Each product contains 2 SARM’s/actives instead of one and they’ve been paired up to work as a stack synergistically but without the £80-90 price tag you’d typically spend on 2 complimentary SARM’s/actives.

These products cost just £44.99 each, giving you some real ‘bang for your buck’ as you’re getting two proven actives instead of one and at the correct muscle building quantities.

There’s a mountain of online credible research and amazing reviews into these active ingredients, in fact they are commonly referred to as ‘research drugs’ such has been the depth and extent of the studies.

If you’re stuck in a rut or just fancy a change why not give them a go? Poseidon is proven for:



Poseidon is a blend of LGD 4033 and MK2866 two of the most popular SARM’s on the planet. SARM’s (selective androgen receptor molecules) bear no relation with synthetic testosterone whatsoever. Therefore it is impossible to have any issues with oestrogen, DHT conversion and subsequent water retention etc. Also PCT is proven to be minimal even after lengthy cycles.

Basically SARM’s work by mimicking testosterone as your body reacts to them the same as it does anabolics but without the side effects. Another major plus is because they are ‘selective androgens’ they specifically target the muscle and bone and not your vital organs and hair follicles. They are also non toxic to the liver or any other organ for that matter which truly sets them apart from oral anabolic steroids. They are often referred to as ‘research drugs’ such is the level of clinical trials and study that has been made available by pharmaceutical giants such as GSK for developing these compounds. All gains made are ‘dry’ gains and ‘keepable’ due to minimal affect they have on your own natural production.

Feel free to contact us directly with any specific questions and concerns and we’ll happily reply promptly and in full.

Take 2 caps daily with meals. Each bottle is a full month supply.

Please note PCT is recommended after 3 months of use with this product, Beast Yourself Testo Beast 450g is ideal for this.

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