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MK677 Ibutamoren 60 x 10mg Capsules


MK677 Ibutamoren 60 x 10mg Capsules


MK677 (aka Ibutamoren) is a genuine breakthrough for the sports supplement industry and one of very few products to get genuinely excited about. MK677 isn’t actually a SARM it’s a Growth Hormone Secretaugue (inducer/stimulator) and is proven through clinical trials to be incredibly effective and safe. Blood reports online have shown that supplementing with 20-25mg per day is the equivalent of taking 4iu of the synthetic growth hormone which is sure to cost in the region of £300 per calender month and will nearly always be fake.

The synthetic growth hormone is also extremely delicate a compound and if subject to heat (in the boot of a car) or if it simply takes a knock (if dropped) you stand to literally kill it. Synthetic Growth hormone has also been shown to create a slump of your own natural production which can takes some weeks to correct. Fortunately you have none of these issues with MK677, it’s a sturdy compound that when taken orally sends regular signals to the Pituitary Gland (master gland) in to releasing more GH – again of up to 4iu daily! This increase will not only help anabolism in general through longer, deeper sleep but also provide a significant boost to metabolic rate, fat loss, muscle building, joint healing as well as improving the condition of your skin, hair and nails. Growth Hormone helps pull your entire body’s chemistry in the right direction and we recommend this supplement wholeheartedly to anyone serious about making significant improvements without breaking the bank and taking silly risks!

This product is completely non steroidal and as such there is simply no chance of any natural hormone suppression. Consequently you don’t need to take an aromoatase inhibitor or complete a PCT phase at any point, even after long-term use.

Feel free to contact us directly with any specific questions and concerns and we’ll happily reply promptly and in full.

For best results take 2-3 capsules before bed time if dieting and 2-3 capsules on a morning if bulking. This because this product will increase your appetite for the initial 12 hours.

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