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Micellar Beast Chocolate


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Micellar Beast Chocolate


Introducing The New Benchmark In Time Released Protein: Micellar Beast.

Micellar Beast is a super-engineered, undenatured Gold Standard Micellar Casein formula containing an incredible 80g of pure Micellar Casein protein per 100g of product. Furthermore Micellar Beast is also a proven anti-catabolic, time released protein that’s practically both carbohydrate and fat FREE (includes only 0.02% sugars and 0.3% saturates per 100g)! Micellar Beast has been specifically formulated to ensure you benefit from enhanced levels of recovery without any detriment to your conditioning through excess levels of sugars and fats which can inevitably cause water retention and stomach stomach bloating. In order to achieve this superior recovery without compromise, Micellar Beast contains only the highest available concentration of the purest/most effective source of casein (Micellar) alongside the very lowest levels of both sugars and fats possible.

Each 50g serving of Micellar Beast provides you with an outstanding 40g Pure Micellar Casein, 8.75g of BCAA’s, 6.75g of Glutamine with only 1.4g Carbohydrates (of which sugars 0.1g) and 1.65g of Fat (of which saturates 0.15). That really does represent the ideal of: Maximum Nutrition For Minimum Calories!

Micellar Beast is the complete solution to achieving enhanced levels of MUSCLE PROTECTION, MUSCLE GROWTH, MUSCULAR CONDITIONING & IMMUNITY.

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Here’s how you’ll benefit from taking on the new benchmark in time released protein:


Micellar Casein is the purest, most natural form of casein (milk protein) and is not to be confused with ANY other cheaper casein such as calcium, sodium or potassium caseinate; infact believe it or not it’s similar in composition to human breast milk. Micellar Casein represents the only medically proven (cancer research- Boire et. al. 1997) anti-catabolic source of protein. Obviously cancer is incredibly catabolic and Micellar Casein will pro-actively help prevent oxidative breakdown of muscle tissue, instantly bringing it to the attention of serious athletes who have since made this protein a staple part of their regime.

Furthermore Micellar Beast has market leading levels of glutamine per serving (for such a product) – 6.75g, again enhancing your ability to retain muscle, especially when restricting calories. Glutamine is the single most abundant amino acid in your body, representing 61% of your bodies skeletal muscle tissue. It’s also the very first amino acid that is ‘robbed’/depleted during intensive training making supplementation very much a necessity.

Micellar Casein is also the slowest digesting form of casein, it forms a unique and distinctive gel at the base of your stomach which ‘drip feeds’ the complete array of proteinogenic (muscle building) amino acids into your bloodstream for approximately 7 hours. This has naturally made Micellar Casein the standout choice for ‘bed-time’ consumption. Imagine the benefits of Micellar Beast feeding your muscles throughout the night as your body naturally turns its attention to muscular protection/recovery?


For muscle growth to occur, we must first create an ‘Anabolic Environment’ which can only be achieved through establishing a ‘Positive Nitrogen Balance’ where we retain more nitrogen than we deplete. Protein is the only category of nutrition that contains nitrogen and Micellar Beast contains 40g of the most superior form of casein protein per 50g serving – giving you a huge boost. But you also have to give consideration to your ability to retain nitrogen too – this is where BCAA’s are exceptionally effective and Micellar Beast contains a market leading 8.75g per 50g serving!

BCAA’s represent an amazing 35% of your skeletal muscle and are incredibly important to any aspiring athlete concerned with making continual gains. BCAA’s are made up of 3 essential amino acids (Leucine, Iso-Leucine and Valine). The term ‘essential’ refers to the fact that they MUST be present in the blood stream to stimulate an ‘Anabolic Environment’ – fundamental/crucial for muscle growth to occur. Numerous studies have proven without doubt that the benefits of including high levels of BCAA’s into your regime are threefold: increased lean muscle mass, increased muscle strength and increased fat loss.


Micellar Beast improves the conditioning of your physique on a number of levels. First of all you have the absolute, guaranteed lowest levels of sugar and saturated fat per serving (0.1g and 0.15g) making  Micellar Beast practically FREE from any aspect of nutrition that will get between the skin and the lean adipose muscle tissue. In addition to this we also have the BCAA factor, having high levels of BCAAs in your bloodstream while training tricks the body into believing it’s as a result of excessive muscle tissue breakdown, so the body uses more fat for fuel. The fat burned is predominantly visceral body fat, the deeper layers of fat typically found around the lower stomach that as we get older becomes harder to address.

Another advantage (exclusive to Micellar Casein) that improves our conditioning occurs in the digestion process. When specific digestive enzymes act on casein micelles they produce bioactive peptides such as Glycomacropeptides (GMP) – These protein fractions cause the release of Cholecystokinin (CCK) which is a hormone that tells your brain that you’re full, therefore reducing appetite and preventing excessive eating. This is particularly beneficial for those following restricted calorie diets and choosing to supplement with Micellar Beast on an evening where hunger and sugar cravings can often peak.


Our bodies unique ability to ‘stay healthy’ enables us to make continual gains in muscle size and strength in the first place. Micellar Beast’s ability to help us avoid a catabolic state helps tremendously in our pursuit of this common goal. But there is more than meets the eye to Micellar Beast and again it’s in the digestion process and the production of specific protein fractions (unique to Micellar Casein) where we stand to benefit. The advantages are threefold:

First of all you have Immunoglobulins (IgG) – these important protein fractions strengthen your immune system allowing it to work pro-actively providing genuine protection from the colds/illnesses that so often knock us off our stride. Then there’s the Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) – this protein fraction is a precursor to Glutathione – your body’s most important antioxidant, you cannot fail to be healthier for it. Finally you have the Alpha-Lactalbumin (ALA) – a highly bio-available protein fraction that effectively reduces/controls our natural cortisol release. Cortisol (though essential) is our body’s ‘stress hormone’ and there is solid evidence to suggest that excessive levels of cortisol released through intensive training can lead to decreased immunity, compromising your ability to recover.


So there you have it, Gold Standard Micellar Beast – The New Time Released Protein Benchmark. Micellar Beast provides you with the highest concentration of the much sought after, proven anti-catabolic Micellar Casein available; alongside the very lowest possible levels of carbohydrates and fats. Remember each cold processed, undenatured 50g serving provides you with 40g (100% Micellar Casein) Protein, 8.75g of BCAA’s, 6.75g Glutamine with only 0.1g of sugar and 0.15g saturated fat. As with all Beast Yourself supplements Micellar Beast combines market leading levels of engineering with outstanding value for money. Each 1.8KG container includes 36 x 50g servings (although servings can be halved for 72 regular x 25g servings) and is available for only £39.99 – making your next decision a whole lot easier!

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg





Nutrition Information

Directions for use

Serving size 25g

As a dietary supplement add 2 level scoops (50g) into 300ml-400ml of cold water and shake/stir. For best results take one serving before bed every night with an optional serving to be taken between meals. Alternatively servings can be halved if required with 1 scoop to be mixed into 150-200ml of cold water.


Please note: This product is not intended to diagnose or treat any underlying medical issues and should only be taken under the advice of your physician/doctor if are taking any medication or have any medical conditions. If you are pregnant or nursing, have heart disease, kidney disease, depression, diabetes or difficulty in urination due to enlargement of prostate, seek the advice of a healthcare professional before using this product.

This product may contain Gluten, Cow’s Milk, Soy & Egg. Ingredients may also contain traces of Tree Nuts, Peanuts and Crustaceans. Please check product label prior to use, if you have any allergies to any of the ingredients, you may send the unopened tub back for a full refund within 30 days.

Please note, images are just a guide and product packaging may vary due to manufacturer updates. Flavour descriptions may vary also e.g. Strawberry may be labelled Strawberry Cream etc. by some manufacturers. We endeavour to give as accurate information as possible.


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