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FREE Diet Plan Service

Welcome to the Affordable Nutrition FREE Diet service, making sure you get Maximum Nutrition with Minimum Fuss no matter what your goals!

Please note I am not a qualified dietician but over the last 20 years I’ve devised literally hundreds of diets across the whole spectrum of society from your sedentary middle aged person to the aspiring, competitive athlete. As a previous and successful competitive bodybuilder myself I was very fortunate have some extremely knowledgeable, World Class mentors, including the one and only Mr Kerry Kayes of Manchester and Mr Steve Brook of Barnsley.  

As former founder and Company Director of Affordable Supplements UK LTD (est. 2000) I’ve spent my whole working life studying and selling performance nutrition and I’ve seen firsthand the positive affects to mind and body a tailored, bespoke eating plan can provide. So, if you’re committed to improving your physique, I’m here giving you my word that I’ll help you every step of the way FOC and that includes ongoing support! All I ask is that you purchase the already heavily discounted performance nutrition that I recommend from the website (2-3 products max).

So in order for me to personalise this diet for you can you please answer me the following, this may look like a lot to ask but it’s an essential part of the tailoring process:

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