Peak contraction for peaked biceps

I’m sure as enthusiastic trainers most of us relish the thought of building big arms or at least conditioning them, but sheer size doesn’t really cut it as bodybuilding is much more about “The Look” rather than “The Mass.” Conditioning and shape are two very important requisites which contribute greatly to achieving the look that […]

Bringing lagging triceps up to speed

As we all know the upper arm is made up of 5 muscles of roughly the same size, 3 toward the back (the triceps) and 2 toward the front – the biceps. This means that the triceps represent approximately 60% of the muscle in the upper arm and it’s a fact that you cannot truly claim […]

Are your upper arms lagging?

Why not consider adding an extra day to your split and training your biceps and triceps together in the same workout? The focus here is to address the upper arms while you are both physically and mentally fresh with the aim being to saturate them with as much de-oxygenated blood as possible while achieving optimum […]