Maintaining high levels of motivation

The retired former unified heavyweight champion of the world Wladimir Klitschko once said that motivation comes and goes but discipline always remains. I believe this to be true for all students of the iron game. Likewise another sporting legend former Liverpool FC manager the great Bill Shankly once stated that football is a simple game, […]

10 reasons to consider morning training

As is often the case with these tips they often tend to apply to some more than others. For example this would be of little use for those of us who aren’t “morning people” or for others who regularly work early mornings. However many of us do have the capacity to rise early, train hard […]

Improving your sleep & recovery

This should of course be a priority, though the fast pace of modern life, attention to sleep can often be disregarded to the detriment of our muscles, our mind and our overall health!   To contextualise the importance of achieving adequate rest we just need to look at the natural chain of events that have […]

Are you drinking enough water?

Not the most exciting of subjects but it’s important that influential matters that have a direct bearing on our training and recovery are dealt with as a priority. Let’s consider the specific consequences that dehydration has on both our training and recovery, the focus of much of our time and thought. Please note that this […]

Perfecting post-workout nutrition

To varying degrees we’re all aware of the importance of consuming quality calories after a strenuous training session. Afterall it stands to reason that once we have broken muscle down we naturally seek to rebuild it and take advantage of the well documented “window of opportunity” where we can assimilate more quality nutrients, such is […]