Get a deeper understanding of each exercise

Everybody stands to benefit from this very simple and straightforward tip, beginners, intermediates and advanced athletes alike. Starting out can of course be a little bit daunting for beginners, all of a sudden you are tasked with thinking about muscles you have taken for granted for years. You walk into a gym and are confronted […]

Don’t forget to forget counting your reps

“Sets and Reps” are intrinsically woven into the fabric of bodybuilding/resistance training and are arguably one of the very first things we learn in the gym. Although by definition, fixing the amount of repetitions we perform can actually act as a hindrance as well as an inspirational target. Let me explain – one of my […]

Maintaining aesthetically pleasing muscles

It was only a matter of time until the topic of aesthetics raised it’s beautiful face. Bodybuilding without question should be all about the “look” and not the amount of weight that can be lifted from A to B. Or what the weighing scales say “how big you are” or even the over development of […]

Consider the benefits of Priority Training

Priority Training is an approach that we all need address at some point in our “training lives.” In fact the more experienced we become with matters in the gym the more this point becomes relevant as we seek to address one of the main criteria’s in bodybuilding/resistance training – our proportions! It’s true that naturally […]

Benefit from raising your little finger

This makes a significant difference in 2 very important exercises: 1) Supinated Dumbbell Bicep Curls – The biceps are predominantly known for flexing the elbow, but they are also responsible for rotating your forearms. Simply straighten out your right arm with your thumb at the ’12 O’clock position, placing your left hand over the out […]

Avoid having identical workouts

Very broadly there are 2 basic types of training sessions. There are “gainers” where we make genuine progress and there are “maintainers” where we don’t. If we are to make the most of our time in the gym we must pro-actively seek to minimise the training sessions that fall into the second category of maintenance. […]

Incorporating cardio for fat loss

This little tip can be hugely beneficial for those of who predominantly undergo cardio vascular based exercise for fat loss. Please note this does not apply for anyone concerned with achieving optimum performance levels. The key here is to undertake your cardio while in a “low glycogen environment.” In other words, when your muscles contain […]