Cap your shoulders for extra width

Make no mistake, developing broad shoulders is a top requisite for any aspiring bodybuilder. This is because they are simply essential for creating that much sought after “V-Taper” which looks mightily impressive while also creating the illusion of a smaller waist. It’s a look that’s increasingly in vogue and it probably comes as no surprise […]

Warming up your rotator cuffs

It goes without saying that there’s a clear need to warm-up the muscles before targeting them to be severely broken down and depleted. The purpose of the warm-up is to prepare the muscles for what is to follow, to prime them for what will be a very uncomfortable and stressing time for them. By warming […]

Press yourself to a better chest

“Chest is best” is a familiar phrase that often lays deep within the psyche of most trainers (male anyway). There’s no getting away from it chest days are a joy to behold and for reasons whether good or bad are very rarely missed! It’s this dedication to training chest that ironically presents us with problems […]

Blitz your chest with this workout

There’s a number of articles featured on this site regarding the importance of pre-exhaustion, intensity, intensity techniques, prioritising lagging muscle groups and never having identical workouts twice. This tip wishes to include all of the above in a practical format that specifically targets the whole of the chest area, so each and every targeted fibre can […]

Increase your bench press overnight

That got your attention didn’t it? As some may have noted, I’ve written extensively on this site regarding the importance of fundamentals such as technique, intensity and rest which should always take priority over and above the level of resistance we use. However if you manage to add up to 10% on your bench in relatively […]

Bringing a lagging chest up to speed

Then why not try pre-exhausting? Most people jump straight on to the bench press/Smith machine at the start of their chest workouts on the premise that they’ll lift more weight the fresher they are. This is of course correct, but there’s a little bit more to it than that if you’re not only wanting a […]