Rep your way to bigger & better legs

Whatever your stance is on leg training, as serious trainers we have to accept that the legs are simply part of the body! So if you’ve got them and they work – train them! In fact so much so that pretty much 50% of your total skeletal muscle fibres are located in the lower body. […]

Improve the proportions of your back

The muscles of the back can be tricky to develop, no other muscles rely as heavily on the “mind-muscle” connection such as these. This is because we cannot actively see these muscles easily, we have to focus on the feel of the contractions and technique all the more.   As expressed in another article, an […]

Improving your back training

Effective back training poses a number of problems.   Incorrect technique can be particularly hazardous, breathing properly is harder, especially for the heavier compound movements and because you cannot actually see your back while training you are much more dependent on the all important “mind & muscle” connection as well as the “feel” of each […]

Breaking down quads without glutes

If you’ve got a pair of legs that work – train them! Seriously though, those that train legs will know the importance of squatting. If you don’t hold squatting central to “leg day” then you don’t fully understand leg training. Squatting recruits a tremendous amount of muscle fibres and as a result you can find […]