Affordable Training Tip – Legs, maximise breakdown of quads without the glutes.

Affordable Training Tip – Legs!

Legs – Train them!

Seriously though, those that train legs will know the importance of squatting. If you don’t hold squatting central to ‘leg day’ then you don’t fully understand leg training at all.

Squatting recruits a tremendous amount of muscle fibres and as a result you can find yourself lifting some pretty serious weights, even within 12 months of starting out. The gluteus maximus (our backsides) also get a thorough workout and like any other muscle group that gets significantly broken down, given enough protein and rest it’ll grow!

Now this poses a problem for some more than others, we all want big legs without the ‘squatters arse’ so here’s today’s tip:

To maximise breakdown of quads without the glutes you’ve got 3 options.

a) Front Squats – The key here is keeping the back straight, as soon as the resistance goes to the back of the shoulders (in a normal squat) you naturally have to bend your back which inevitably recruits the glutes. Front Squats can be done on either a free bar, or perhaps better to begin with, the Smith Machine. Step right into Smith Machine, place the bar over the front delts, crossing your arms so you right arm is over your left delt and vice-versa and proceed to squat as standard.

b) Hack Squat, works on the same principle – keeping the back straight, naturally limiting glutes input.

c) Pre-exhaustion, 6-8 working sets of seated leg curls will exhaust the quads adequately before any squatting movement, (whether be ‘front’ or ‘standard’). This again will spare the glutes.

All 3 options will work your glutes to a degree, however and perhaps more importantly they will all maximise your quad training with absolutely no compromise at all. You’ll no doubt notice you can’t lift as much weight, but that’s just a result of your glutes being spared, the front squats inparticular will ensure a thorough separation of muscle fibres!

If you feel you’ll benefit from this, try it every other leg session, continuing to squat as normal – this approach will also provide fresh stimuli to your training and invariably help you breakthrough any plateau’s!

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