Affordable Training Tip – Chest.

Is your chest lagging a little? Like to bring it up to speed?

Then why not try pre-exhausting? Most people jump straight on to the Bench Press/Smith Machine at the start of chest workouts on the premise that they’ll lift more weight the fresher they are.

This is of course correct, but there’s a little bit more to it than that if you’re not only wanting a strong physique, but also a balanced one that’s in proportion. It’s a fact that most people’s front delt and tricep development can hinder their pressing, they burn out quicker (delts in particular) and can be the reason why the bar goes back on the hooks while the chest is by no means worked to its full capacity.

Why not try, once a month 4-6 working sets of either Dumbbell Flyes (incline or flat), Pec Dec or Cable Cross-over’s, then go on the bench?

Granted you’ll not be able to bench your usual weights but that’s just testament to the fact you’ve broken down muscle in your chest while your delts and triceps in comparison have been relatively spared. This way round the limitation to your pressing will be your chest, not your shoulders which is sort of the whole point. As a result your chest will come under more stress and your body will place a greater priority on recovery and therefore growth – bonus!

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