Affordable Training Tip – Add up to 10% to your bench press over-night.

That got your attention didn’t it?

As no doubt some of you will have observed, I’ve so far written extensively regarding the importance of fundamental doctrines such as technique, intensity and rest and I make no apologies for prioritising those over and above the level of resistance we use.

However if you manage to add up to 10% on your bench in relatively no time at all then isn’t that akin to recruiting more muscle fibres and therefore being in a position to break more tissue down?

The answer as is often the case lays within the realms of technique – and funnily enough in this particular instance your nipples!

All pressing movements whether be ‘free weight’ barbells/dumbbells or machine operated (Seated Press/Smith Machine) should begin with the resistance at ‘nipple level.’ By this I mean your hands and the bar/dumbbells should be lowered on the negative to the same level as your nipples.

Why? Well this is very important as this is the perfect level for any flat or decline bench press (tip does not apply to incline) because it sits perfectly inline to breakdown the optimum amount of muscle fibres in your chest!

As with all tips, they tend to apply to some more than others, but if you are ‘benching’ above nipple level then your simply not getting the best out of one of bodybuilding’s ‘bread and butter’ movements. When the level of resistance is lowered accordingly and your body adjusts to what is only a slight tweak in technique you’ll genuinely be adding up to 10% on your bench!

In this way perfecting technique works as a catalyst to breaking more muscle down, as a result your body will place a greater demand on your recovery. Then, given enough surplus quality calories and rest you will of course recover – which in other words means grow!

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