Get a deeper understanding of each exercise

Everybody stands to benefit from this very simple and straightforward tip, beginners, intermediates and advanced athletes alike. Starting out can of course be a little bit daunting for beginners, all of a sudden you are tasked with thinking about muscles you have taken for granted for years. You walk into a gym and are confronted […]

Cap your shoulders for extra width

Make no mistake, developing broad shoulders is a top requisite for any aspiring bodybuilder. This is because they are simply essential for creating that much sought after “V-Taper” which looks mightily impressive while also creating the illusion of a smaller waist. It’s a look that’s increasingly in vogue and it probably comes as no surprise […]

Peak contraction for peaked biceps

I’m sure as enthusiastic trainers most of us relish the thought of building big arms or at least conditioning them, but sheer size doesn’t really cut it as bodybuilding is much more about “The Look” rather than “The Mass.” Conditioning and shape are two very important requisites which contribute greatly to achieving the look that […]

Don’t forget to forget counting your reps

“Sets and Reps” are intrinsically woven into the fabric of bodybuilding/resistance training and are arguably one of the very first things we learn in the gym. Although by definition, fixing the amount of repetitions we perform can actually act as a hindrance as well as an inspirational target. Let me explain – one of my […]

Warming up your rotator cuffs

It goes without saying that there’s a clear need to warm-up the muscles before targeting them to be severely broken down and depleted. The purpose of the warm-up is to prepare the muscles for what is to follow, to prime them for what will be a very uncomfortable and stressing time for them. By warming […]

Press yourself to a better chest

“Chest is best” is a familiar phrase that often lays deep within the psyche of most trainers (male anyway). There’s no getting away from it chest days are a joy to behold and for reasons whether good or bad are very rarely missed! It’s this dedication to training chest that ironically presents us with problems […]

10 reasons to consider morning training

As is often the case with these tips they often tend to apply to some more than others. For example this would be of little use for those of us who aren’t “morning people” or for others who regularly work early mornings. However many of us do have the capacity to rise early, train hard […]

Maintaining aesthetically pleasing muscles

It was only a matter of time until the topic of aesthetics raised it’s beautiful face. Bodybuilding without question should be all about the “look” and not the amount of weight that can be lifted from A to B. Or what the weighing scales say “how big you are” or even the over development of […]

Rep your way to bigger & better legs

Whatever your stance is on leg training, as serious trainers we have to accept that the legs are simply part of the body! So if you’ve got them and they work – train them! In fact so much so that pretty much 50% of your total skeletal muscle fibres are located in the lower body. […]

Improve the proportions of your back

The muscles of the back can be tricky to develop, no other muscles rely as heavily on the “mind-muscle” connection such as these. This is because we cannot actively see these muscles easily, we have to focus on the feel of the contractions and technique all the more.   As expressed in another article, an […]